Wednesday, 30 January 2008

New Taboo Single Confirmed + Taboo Knows About This Site!

Taboo's first single from his new album is now official, it is called You Girl, and has been released to Power 106 FM.

A few days ago, it was on the playlist for the New at 2 show, but for some reason yesterday it was removed from the playlist.
Taboo has called out to us fans on (as Im sure you all know) to request the song on that station! We need to request it alot, and e-mail them, demanding the single, to make them put it back in the playlist, and make this single as big as possible. Here are the details:

Request Line: (818) 520-1059

Just a small update, but a big achievment, after 6 days of being open, Taboo is already aware that this site is open, after replying to a topic on the BEP forum by me advertising for this site, and he thanked everyone for the support. Just letting everyone know...

Stay with us for the latest news. Dont forget to add us to your favourites!


Peabody4life said...

I really hope Taboos single gets back on the radio...and its so great that Taboo knows about this site!!
Peas & Love


kristal said...

i love taboo single u girl.i love it,, i can wait to the album come out if he come out with one