Thursday, 24 January 2008

Official News On Taboos Solo Album

This is the first of a series of posts on Taboos upcoming solo album. It contains all the OFFICIAL news on the album. None of what is written here is unconfirmed, it has all been said by Taboo. Here is what we know:

Confirmed Songs:
-Your World featuring Frankie J (Produced by George Pajon jr. w/ Printz and Tim Izzo)
-Rodeo featuring Chingo Bling (Produced by
Ride featuring Baby Bash (Produced by Taboo)


-The album is self-titled (That means it will just be called Taboo)
- It will feauture up and coming Latino artists.
Remeber, this is all official news. None of it is rumours, but rumours will be posted in seperate posts. Stay with Taboo Fans for the latest.

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Peabody4life said...

wow, this is so cool! i cant wait for his album! and it was so sweet of him to come on for his fans...and Bucky Jonson are helping with this too, yay!

Peas & Love